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Introducing Iran Zob Company

Iran Zob Company is one of the most reliable casting companies in the country and one of the pioneers of this industry. Iran Zob Company is the first and best producer of grinding balls and anti-wear and refractory casting parts in the country for use in cement, mining and steel industries.

The activity of this company started by obtaining the operating license in 1362 and after purchasing, installing and operating the machines. Iran Zob Company started its cooperation with cement companies in 1370 and according to the need of the country’s cement industry for casting parts such as bullets, armor, Asian diaphragm, great cooler, refractory and anti-wear parts, and in this field with It was widely welcomed by consumers in the cement industry. In the 70s, the country’s need to import mill pellets was cut off and all the needs of the cement industry were provided by this company. Currently, Iran Zob Company is one of the companies under Toka Steel Investment Holding and a public company.

The Range of Products Produced in Iran Zob Company

Grinding Balls

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ریخته گری قطعات فولادی و چدنی

Casting of Steel and Cast Iron Parts

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سیلپبس و بولپبس

Cylpebses & bulpebs

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Commercial Affairs of Iran Zob Company

Iran Zob Company has chosen a customer-oriented approach as its core strategy and will use all available tools and facilities to realize it. Targeted marketing based on proper interaction with customers, creativity and innovation is one of the most important work programs of this company. Iran Zob company is always trying to get orders, identify new domestic and foreign markets and provide after-sales services to its customers with a close relationship with the company’s customers.So far, this company has succeeded in selling its products to all cement factories in the country and other reputable domestic factories such as Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel, Isfahan Iron Smelter, Khuzestan Steel, Sarcheshmeh Copper, Chador Melo, etc. Iran Zob company has also exported its products to Italy, Azerbaijan, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Qatar, etc.

Iran Zob company, by using expert forces as well as simulation software for casting and freezing of parts and 3D design and drawing of the world, designs parts with the best casting efficiency and free from any internal and external defects. The proof of this is the confirmation of a large number of cement factories in the country regarding the low wear rate of Iran Zob pellets with a record of 6.3 grams per ton. This company also has the ability to design and manufacture all parts of liners and diaphragms of the body of cement and mines in different dimensions.

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