Holding a Labor Day celebration 98

خانه - اخبار ایران ذوب - Holding a Labor Day celebration 98

The Labor Day commemoration ceremony was held on Wednesday, May 4, at Iran Zob Company in the presence of a group of managers and employees of the company at Iran Zob factory. At the beginning of the ceremony, the CEO of the company, Mr. Qureshi, and other senior managers of the company, by attending all production units and headquarters, donated flowers and sweets to the hardworking workers of the company and congratulated them. Then, dear colleagues were present in the prayer hall of Iran Zob Company to hold a celebration of Labor Day and award prizes. In this ceremony, the esteemed manager of human resources, Mr. Rafiei and the esteemed manager of the factory, Mr. Engineer Mashhadi, during their speeches about Labor Day and the importance of the labor position, thanked the employees of Iran Zob Company. In addition, while playing the clip and also drawing lots of cash prizes to colleagues, 57 bidders whose projects were implemented were awarded cash prizes.


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