Holding the 4th Isfahan Cement Industry Exhibition

خانه - اخبار ایران ذوب - Holding the 4th Isfahan Cement Industry Exhibition

The fourth exhibition of cement industry, which was held on Wednesday, 8/6/96, with the presence of a large number of large domestic and foreign companies and with the joint presence of Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, Toka Steel Holding and Iran Zob Company in Isfahan International Exhibition , Ended its work on Saturday, 11/6/96. In this exhibition, effective and constructive negotiations and meetings with customers and visitors of the company’s booth were held by the esteemed CEO of the company, Mr. Qureshi, and other esteemed managers. At the end, a plaque of appreciation and a statue of attendance at the exhibition were presented to the esteemed management of the company by the organizers of the exhibition.



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