Cylpebses & bulpebs

In some areas of Asia, different shapes are used to pulverize materials instead of using pellet balls, such as cylinders or celebs and bulbs which are used in various materials such as cement. Celebes consist of conical cylinders and are used in ball mills. Some mill designers prefer to use celebs instead of balls, and so these ball-like products are used in mills. Because of the conical geometry, celipes have a larger surface area and up to 15% and 10% higher density respectively than pellet balls of similar dimensions and weight. Silipes are used in mills that require a special classification of granules with a specific mesh.


 سیلپبس و بولپبس ها (آسیاب) ایران ذوب

Purchase and prices of cylebses and bulpebs

You can find all information related to Celebes and Bulbs (Asia) on this page and to get prices and purchase of Celebs (Asia) and Bulbs please call 09132121860.

cylebses and bulpebs bullet dimensions

At Iran Zob Company, we produce a variety of these products in different sizes, as follows:

۱۲ × ۱۲

۱۶ × ۱۶

۱۹ × ۱۹

۲۲ × ۲۲

۲۵ × ۲۵

۳۰ × ۳۰

Some other forms are also used in some Asian regions (such as the hollow cone) and are known as bulbs, which consist of three dimensions, such as:

۲۵ × ۲۸ × ۲۸

ابعاد گلوله سیلپبس و بولپبس

Quality control unit and laboratory of Iran Zob factory

Using all the necessary equipment, this unit conducts necessary tests to control the quality of the process. The laboratory of Iran Zob company, using devices such as quantometry, metallography, hardness measurement, etc. And also the devices for testing strength, gas and humidity, and sand granulation from the beginning of the raw materials to the moment of the product’s departure under his supervision, and he evaluated all the processes related to the production, and finally after passing all these steps And doing PT, UT, MT and… tests. If approved, he will issue the license to send the product.
The laboratory of Iran Zob Company has the ES 856 certificate from the Standard and Industrial Research Department of Isfahan province and is known as a reference laboratory in the country.

واحد کنترل کیفیت و آزمایشگاه شرکت ایران ذوب

Use of cylebses and bulpebs

More products in wet and dry mills, grinding mills for iron ore, calcium carbonate and bauxite, etc. is used

cylebses and bulpebs production in Iran Zob factory

Iran Zob Company is the first and best producer of cylebses and bulpebs

in Iran. These pellets are made of high-chrome cast iron with anti-wear properties and are the most important production products of Iran Zob Company, with about 40 years of experience. The metal balls of Iran Zob company have the lowest amount of wear compared to other similar samples in the market and can compete with the balls produced by reputable companies in the world such as Mogato Belgium.

According to customers, Iran Zob Company has a record wear rate of 6.3 grams per ton, which is much better than the global standard set for this product.

تولید گلوله آسیاب در کارخانه ایران ذوب

Factory Address: Isfahan – Zob Ahan Highway – Ashtarjan Industrial Town – Sixth Street – No. 57 Iran Zob Factory

Office address: Isfahan – University Street – 13 Alley (Shaheed Khoshab) – No. 1 – Iran Zobus Building

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